In 1994, 11 visionary men, under the leadership of the esteemed Founding President, Benjamin J. Pigott Esq., were driven by deep concern and a profound sense of responsibility to the Houston community. United in purpose, they forged the 100 Black Men of Metropolitan Houston Inc., an organization wholly committed to enhancing the quality of life for African-Americans and other minority communities.

The founding fathers of the Houston chapter represented a wide-range of talented professional men who recognized that by directing resources toward the community’s youth through programs which cultivate creativity, stress academic achievement and emphasize social responsibility, they would be able to ensure a brighter  future for them. The 100 Black Men of Metropolitan Houston Inc. set as their goal empowering young people through mentoring, education, health and wellness and economic development programs.

Our goal is to modernize issues that are prevalent in our nation and localize those issues in the Metro Houston area. Since our initial partnership with Merck Pharmaceuticals and M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital to raise awareness about prostate cancer, we continue to bring issues that disproportionately affect Black people, specifically, Black men.