“Looking for real men who are willing to give real time.”

Membership Dues

To fulfill our mission and vision, we need Black men who are willing to offer their time, resources and perspective to influence young men. 

The 100’s unique position is our membership covers a wide reach of Black men in the Metro Houston area. Our membership is a cross-section of all Black men and their vast interests, which can include fraternities, community, religious, professional and social organizations. If you are interested in joining our organization complete the membership intake application or join our prospective member distribution list.

Membership Criteria

  • At least 35 years old
  • Positive role model
  • Accomplished in chosen occupation/field
  • Interested in contributing human and financial resources to support the organization’s programs
  • Good character

Senior Membership
A Senior Membership is any Regular Member 65 years or older who applied for Senior Membership upon approval by the Board of Directors. Senior Membership does not extend to any other chapter within the 100 Black Men of America, Inc network. The member seeking Senior Membership status must acknowledge that such membership only applies to the Corporation and will receive the same privileges as a Regular Member. All Senior Members shall abide by these By-Laws and continue to support the ideals of the Corporation.

Ambassador Membership
Ambassador Members are men who have performed outstanding service for the community or the Corporation. Ambassador Members of the Corporation shall be eligible for all the rights and privileges of Regular Members upon acceptance of his application by the Board of Directors. The Ambassador Member will be appointed to an ad hoc committee, attend regular and annual meetings of the General Membership, and any additional conditions as set forth by the Board of Directors. All Ambassador Members shall abide by these By-Laws and continue to support the ideals of the Corporation.

Corporate Membership
Corporate Members of the Corporation are large organizations, government entities, professional practices, educational institutions, and other legally recognized business entities. The Board of Directors will appoint Corporate Members by a majority vote. Corporate Members will have access to future active involvement with the Corporation for a specific amount of time, including but not limited to active status on the roster of the Corporation. Further, Corporate Members shall not enjoy voting privileges in the Corporation but may attend General Membership meetings. All Corporate Members shall abide by these By-Laws and continue to support the ideals of the Corporation.

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Annual Member Intake Key Dates

The Membership Application Process

  • March 23, 2023 – Application Deadline
  • April 15, 2023 – Interviews (In-Person)
  • May 1, 2023 – Application Decisions

Complete Membership Intake Application

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Chapter Officers

Dr. Justin Washington, President
Dr. Patrick Jefferson, VP of Operations
Alvin Wilson, Secretary
Biko Taylor, VP of Finance
Anthony Scott, VP of Programs

Phillip Yates, VP of Laws
Robert Jenkins, VP of Development
Roderick Marshall, Parliamentarian
Dr. Anthony Martin, Treasurer
Jamail “JT” Johnson, Chaplain

Adraon Greene, Chairman of the Board
Kenneth Robinson (Chairman Emeritus)
Eldon Lewis, Member-at-Large
Hiram Smith, Member-at-Large
R.W. Bray, Member-at-Large

Chairman Emeritus

Dr. Richard Johnson
George Lunnen
Darnell P. Joseph

Dr. John M Rudley
Mark A Williams
Dr. Frazier K Wilson

Bethew “Bert” Jennings III
Rechardo Caston
Kenneth Robinson

2022 Members

Dr. Christopher Bibb
Terrence Black
Andre Brown
Jason Bullen
Lafayette Burns
Roy Carr Jr.
Dr. Stephen Carter
Dr. Derrick Farrow
Ronald Green
Charles Green
Silliman Hale

Jarad Howard
Alan Hudson
A.J. Hunter
Jamail Johnson
Darnell Joseph
Joshua Joseph
Calvin Menephee
Dr. Jeremy Morgan
Gerald Mosley
Donald Naylor Jr.
Tavarus Newsom

Chris Phillips
James Pope
Russell Price
Ronald Reynolds
Tony Runnels
Xavier Samuels
Dr. Roland Smith Jr.
Michael Washington
Eric Waters
Michael Wilson

Oldie Banks
Fred Clausell
Darell Prince
Everett Hare
Larry Brooks
Craig Lacy
Dr. Serge Madhere
Dr. James Stancil
Michael Omiyale