About Us

The 100 Black Men of Metropolitan Houston enhances educational and economic opportunities for black boys and young men grades 6-12 through mentorship and community service. Our chapter also supports its collegiate extension, the Collegiate 100, to continue the mentorship pipeline from high school to college and promote the social, emotional and educational needs of young Black men.

Vision Statement

100 Black Men of Metropolitan Houston Inc. seeks to serve as a beacon of leadership by utilizing our diverse environments where our children are motivated to achieve, and to empower our people to become shareholders in the economic and social fabric of the communities we serve.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of our communities, and enhance educational and economic opportunities for all African Americans.

Value Statement

The 100 Black Men of Metropolitan Houston Inc. is committed to the intellectual development of youth and the economic empowerment of the African American community based on the following precepts: respect for family, spirituality, justice, and integrity.

Impact and Accomplishments

Always men of action and dedication to the improvement of the community the 100 Black Men of Metropolitan Houston Inc have many accomplishments most notably:

  • Awarded over $300,000 in college scholarships to promising first and second-year college students.
  • Hosted annual food and toy drive for the Houston community since 1996 to benefit thousands of children ages 11-18. Additionally, in 2005 in partnership with the University of Houston and Santa Elves, the 100 donated 75 new bicycles and more than $3000 in gift certificates to needy Houston families.
  • Created a mentoring program, currently located at Texas Southern University, which allows the group to reach inner city schools and churches in the Greater Houston area to encourage more young people to become involved in the mentoring program.
  • Partnered with the LeBron James Foundation to help families affected by Hurricane Katrina.
  • Texas Southern University was awarded 2018 National Collegiate 100 Chapter of the Year.
  • Received $100,000 grant from Minute Maid in 2020
  • Received national grant of nearly $500,000 from Gilead Sciences to expand local footprint in 2021