Our Programs


Mentoring is the signature program and cornerstone of 100 Black Men of Metropolitan Houston, Inc. (The 100). The social, cultural, emotional, and unique needs of youth, primarily African American males, are addressed through group mentoring relationships by members of The 100. Committed to our cause, our members serve as positive role models, advocates, and trusted advisors to children and young adults, including the Collegiate 100 and the Emerging 100, in the Houston community.

Health & Wellness

The 100 focuses on the well-being of the whole person: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual through initiatives that: 1) raise awareness of health disparities and solutions; and 2) provide access to health care and wellness information that promote behavioral changes that result in healthier lifestyles, good nutrition, regular physical activity, and full ownership of one’s health.

The Houston Chapter of The 100 affiliates partner with corporations, foundations and other nonprofit organizations to promote preventative health strategies and provide education on prevalent diseases that negatively impact African Americans.


The Houston Chapter of The 100 believes education is the key to opportunity, but also recognizes that significant inequities in public education still exist today. We host regular programs, such as college tours and education summits to expose our mentees to various education pathways.

Economic Empowerment

It is the goal of The 100 to leave a legacy of wealth-building which leads to debt-free living for the youth and communities we serve. Our economic empowerment programs and initiatives foster financial literacy, career development, financial planning, investment management, and fiscal responsibility at an early age. Exposing our youth and collegiate students to the skills, strategies and mindset of entrepreneurship also provide beneficial, transferable knowledge that will help to establish a firm foundation from which they can later build upon for business development and wealth creation.